P336 – Fuel types on the BMRS

Formal title: Fuel types on the BMRS

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


P336 proposes to add ‘biomass’ as a specific fuel type category reported on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS). It also seeks to allow the Panel to approve further fuel types without needing to raise a Modification.


P336 was raised by Drax Power Limited on 29 February 2016. The Panel agreed to submit P336 directly to the Report Phase.

The Panel initially recommended that P336 should be approved and issued its Report Phase Consultation. It determined to approve P336 under Self-Governance on 14 April 2016 for implementation on 2 November 2017 as part of the November 2017 BSC Systems Release. No appeals were notified and so the Panel’s determination is final.

P336 was implemented on 2 November 2017 as part of the November 2017 BSC Release.


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