P459 Allowing different Supplier Agents to be appointed to Import and Export MSIDs

Formal title: Allowing different SVA, MOAs and DCs to be appointed to Import and Export MSIDs for DCC Adopted Smart Meters

This Modification would allow Suppliers to appoint different Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA), Meter Operator Agents (MOAs) and Data Collectors (DCs) for the Import and Export Metering System Identifiers (MSIDs) where Data Communications Company (DCC) adopted smart meters are installed. Being able to appoint different Supplier Agents across Import/Export MSIDs will remove a barrier preventing the use of Export MSIDs for small-scale micro-generation, which currently disbenefits Suppliers, sales and operators of micro-generation, and electricity consumers.

Current Status

Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
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Awaiting Implementation


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