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EL02385: Planned ELEXON IT systems outage – February 2016 [152.6 Kb] Issue Date: 17 February 2016

A planned outage to replace the internal IT storage systems at our offices will take place on the following weekends:

● between 10:00 (GMT) Saturday 20 February to 18:00 (GMT) Sunday 21 February 2016
● between 10:00 (GMT) Saturday 27 February to 18:00 (GMT) Sunday 28 February 2016.

EL02384: Credit Assessment Price (CAP) consultation – February 2016 [111.5 Kb] Issue Date: 16 February 2016

This consultation seeks respondents’ views on reducing the CAP to £33/MWh from the current value of £38/MWh. Please email responses to Credit.committee@elexon.co.uk using the profroma by 17:00, Tuesday 1 March 2016.

EL02383: Planned BSC Agent maintenance on BMRS: 20–21 February 2016 [112.0 Kb] Issue Date: 12 February 2016

There will be planned network maintenance on the Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service (BMRS) between 23:00 (GMT) Saturday 20 February and 07:00 (GMT) Sunday 21 February 2016. This will have a minor impact on the REMIT and Transparency pages of the BMRS.

EL02382: Credit Assessment Price (CAP) process review consultation [112.0 Kb] Issue Date: 11 February 2016

This consultation seeks respondents’ views on options to improve the CAP setting and implementation process. Please submit your response to Credit.Committee@elexon.co.uk by 17.00 on Friday 4 March 2016.

Responses will be presented to the Credit Committee at its March 2016 meeting.

EL02381: Impact of erroneous and suspended De-Rated Margin (DRM) data on prices [109.6 Kb] Issue Date: 2 February 2016

In Circular EL02377, it was noted that National Grid suspended the publication of De-Rated Margin (DRM) data. This Circular provides clarification on retrospective changes to the Reserve Scarcity Price (RSP).

EL02380: Planned National Grid BM Outage on Tuesday 2 February 2016: Completed [107.9 Kb] Issue Date: 2 February 2016

Following on from ELEXON Circular EL02378, we have been notified by National Grid that the planned outage has now been completed.

EL02379: Risk Operating Plan (ROP) 2016/17 published [108.0 Kb] Issue Date: 29 January 2016

The Performance Assurance Board has reviewed and approved the ROP 2016/17 which will take effect from Monday 1 April 2016.

EL02378: Planned National Grid BM outage: Tuesday 2 February 2016 [112.2 Kb] Issue Date: 28 January 2016

National Grid has notified us that there will be a Balancing Mechanism (BM) planned outage between 10:10 (GMT) and 13:40 (GMT) Tuesday 2 February 2016.

EL02377: National Grid to suspend publication of De–Rated Margin Data today [237.8 Kb] Issue Date: 27 January 2016

National Grid in consultation with ELEXON and Ofgem has decided to stop sending DRM and LoLP values from 17:00 today – 27 January 2016 and has provided the following information for BSC Parties.

EL02376: Withdrawal from the Balancing and Settlement Code – Deutsche Bank AG London [110.4 Kb] Issue Date: 27 January 2016

Deutsche Bank AG London (Party ID: DB) has withdrawn from the Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) today, 27 January 2016 in accordance with section A5.1 of the Code.