Market Entry

This page gives you an overview of market entry, including the different types of BSC Party roles, qualification and the new market entry process.

Most Suppliers, Generators, and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs) may have to become a BSC Party because it is a condition within their Ofgem licence. Other companies wishing to trade within the BSC arrangements, like Non-Physical Trader and Virtual Lead Parties (VLPs), may also have to do so.

How it relates to you

If you are new to the industry we strongly recommend you read Beginners Guide to the Electricity Arrangements.

The next step is to establish the type of BSC Party you intend to become (e.g. Supplier, Generator, Non Physical Trader). You will find the description of each Party role in our Market Role guide.

What support is on offer?

We provide new entrants with detailed guidance on the entry requirements. In addition, we also offer the following services:


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