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This page contains details of the different roles that make up the energy market. You can find out more about each of the roles and what is required in order to join the electricity market.

How it relates to you

Most Suppliers, Generators, and Licensed Distribution System Operators may have to become a BSC Party because it is a condition within their Ofgem licence. Other companies wishing to trade within the BSC arrangements, like Non-Physical Trader and Virtual Lead Parties, may also have to do so.

There are multiple roles that make up the electricity industry. Visit the relevant page below and find out specifically what each role does, the qualification(s) required, the costs involved and the steps needed to enter the market.

Understanding market roles

There are a number of different market roles that a company can perform with different operational requirements.

Party and Party Agent roles

SVA Party Agent roles

  • Central Volume Allocation Meter Operator Agent (CVAMOA)
  • Data Aggregator (Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly)
  • Data Collector (Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly)
  • Meter Administrator
  • Meter Operator (Half Hourly and Non Half Hourly)
  • Supplier Meter Registration Agent (SMRA)
  • Unmetered Supplies Operator (UMSO) 

Qualification requirements

If you wish to operate in any of the Supplier Volume Party Agent roles mentioned above, you will have to undergo SVA Qualification.

The Qualification process aims to provide assurance that an organisation’s systems and processes have been developed in line with BSC requirements and good practice. Qualification also helps check that systems won’t pose a risk to settlement. 

Submitting an expression of interest

If you wish to express your interest in joining the market, please complete the expression of interest form.

Our Market Entry team will then be in touch to set up your access to the Kinnect self-service gateway and guide you through the remaining steps within the market entry process.

Digital market entry using Kinnect

Our digital platform, Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, which is a self-service gateway, enables you to complete the various steps required to enter the electricity market.

Elexon Kinnect provides you with digital forms and access to market entry and asset registrations data. There is a guided process through the various steps you can take when registering different market roles.

Access to the platform has been initially granted to Category A Authorised Signatories only. If you’re not sure who to contact or need further assistance, please email us at [email protected].

More options within Kinnect

As well as market entry activities, Elexon Kinnect also allows BSC Parties to manage their account online. Once you have acceded to the BSC you will be able to use the Customer Solution to manage your company details with us.

Operational guidance

Once a company has acceded to the electricity market using the Market Entry process they will want to understand more about the operational and compliance aspects of being in the market.

As a party operating within the BSC arrangements you will need to be able to send and receive communications to and from Elexon and the BSC Agent systems.

Some communications are manual (via fax, post and email) but most are sent via electronic data flows. The electronic data flows are sent and received via 2 communication methods, the High Grade Service and the Low Grade Service.


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