Assurance Information Request (AIR)


This page explains the Assurance Information Request (AIR) technique, how it relates to you, the scope of the request and the outcome of any findings. The Assurance Information Request (AIR) is a detective technique and part of the Performance Assurance Framework (PAF).

How it relates to you

The Assurance Information Request (AIR) will act as a Request for Information (RFI), as an assurance tool and is intended to be used as a form of assessment to gain an understanding of how a certain process or Party operates.

The received information can then be used to make further risk management decisions for further analysis, or provide support to or for the deployment of any of the other Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs).

This technique will work alongside and compliment the other detective techniques:

Who does it impact

The following Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs) may be subject to requests at the discretion of the Performance Assurance Board (PAB):

  • Suppliers and Registrants
  • Virtual Lead Party (VLP)
  • Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Meter Operator Agent (MOA)
  • Data Collector (DC)
  • Data Aggregator (DA)
  • Meter Administrators (MAs)
  • Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs)
  • Independent Distribution Network Owners (IDNOs)
  • LDSOs acting as Unmetered Supplier Operators (UMSOs)
  • LDSOs acting as Supplier Meter Registration Agents (SMRAs)

If you are selected for an Assurance Information Request (AIR), we will contact you with the reason for the request, its scope, timescales that it will be performed in and a request for data.

Assurance Information Request (AIR) Scope

The scope contains the requests we will perform during the period. A ‘within period revision’ to the scope can also be made with approval from the PAB. The request will then take place anytime during that BSC year.

Assurance Information Request Reporting

After every Assurance Information Request (AIR) we provide the PAB with an update on the findings and any proposed next steps for further risk management recommendations which could include further analysis, or provide support to or for the deployment of any of the other Performance Assurance Techniques.

BSC obligations

BSC Section Z – Performance Assurance details the administration and implementation of Performance Assurance Techniques (PATs).

BSCP605 Assurance Information Request details the deployment timescales and actions for the role of the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and/or Delegated Authority and other interested parties for an Assurance Information Request (AIR).


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