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Technical Assurance of Metering Systems

Why do we have the Technical Assurance of Metering (TAM) technique?

The checks performed monitor the compliance of the Metering Systems with the requirements stated in the BSC and its subsidiary documents, in particular the Metering Codes of Practice (CoP). It provides a level of assurance that the metered values passed into Settlement represent actual consumption.

The Technical Assurance of Metering service

This service is provided by the Technical Assurance Agent (TAA). The TAA is a BSC Agent procured and managed by ELEXON (currently C&C Group Ltd).

To check Metering Systems, the TAA has to perform an audit. The TAA will notify the relevant Registrant and the appointed agents of scheduled site visits. The Registrant is responsible for securing access to the site and Metering System and should ensure that a suitably qualified Meter Operator Agent can attend. For High Voltage (HV) sites and for Low Voltage (LV) sites with remote Current Transformers (CTs), the Registrant will also need to ensure that a Licensed Distribution System Operator (LDSO) engineer can also attend.

I am expecting a site visit, what do I need to know?

An authorised inspector will visit your site and perform the checks. The TAA Metering Inspectors are suitably qualified, trained and experienced to carry out the inspection visits and have the appropriate authorisation throughout Great Britain. They all carry copies of their authorisations to inspections.

We have developed an online support tool, the Technical Assurance Agent Management Tool (TAAMT), to help facilitate site visit planning and two–way sharing of information with the TAA. It is a central database that contains all historical data and information for Metering System visits performed by TAA inspectors. You can use it to view inspection schedules and results and to submit data and communicate with the TAA.

If you want to use this system please contact the TAA Helpdesk to arrange an account.

TAA helpdesk

The TAA Helpdesk is available during business hours to answer any questions and help you with data submissions.

Please call on 0870 240 2795 or email taa_service@candc-uk.com

What happens after the site visit?

After the site visit the TAA will show you the results of the inspection and also share these with the associated agents responsible for the Metering System. You are required to rectify any non–compliances found.

TAA Annual Report – Half Hourly Metering Systems

The TAA Annual Report provides the Technical Assurance Agent’s view on the health of the Half Hourly metering population in the SVA and CVA markets. It is based on the findings from the inspections of Technical Assurance of Metering Systems and is used to highlight key market issues, particularly those with high potential materiality or risk to the quality of data used in Settlement.

The TAA’s report is divided into two parts:
• Non–compliance statistics report
• Commentary on the statistics including significant issues and recommendations.

We also produce individual confidential reports for Registrants (of Metering Systems) and Meter Operator Agents who receive 25 or more visits during the year.

TAA Annual Report 2015/16