Issue 04: Periodic Reviews of the BSC

Formal title: Periodic Reviews of the BSC

Current Status


BSC Section C3.8.1(a) currently obliges BSCCo to carry out periodic reviews of the Code and its implementation and of operations under the Code in order to evaluate whether it continues to facilitate achievement of the Applicable BSC Objectives, and to do so in the most effective way. These reviews must take place at least once every 2 years and not more often than once every year. The GSMG is invited to consider whether there may be any merit in amending this provision, in order to assist Elexon and the BSC Panel in considering whether to propose a modification that would seek to increase efficiency in the implementation and administration of the Code.


The chairman of the Governance Standing Modification Group (GSMG) has concluded that the matter currently logged as Issue 4 (‘Periodic Reviews of the BSC’), which looks at the appropriateness of the reviews, is something which could be considered by a standing Modification Group but cannot be raised by the BSC Panel. Standing Modification Group issues can be raised by anyone entitled to propose a modification to the BSC. While the BSC Panel can raise Modification Proposals in limited circumstances (BSC F2.1.1 (d)), Issue 4 is not within the bounds of these limitations.


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