Issue 07: Potential anomaly in respect of Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA) volume

Formal title: Potential anomaly in respect of Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA) volume

Current Status


An anomaly may exist when a Party operates with or re-declares its MEL to a lower level than the submitted FPN. The re-submission of the MEL to this lower level will be a representation of the BMU performance meaning the FPN is not representative of the BMU’s operating level. If the System Operator was then to issue a BOA, it will be from the MEL all the while the MEL


The issue was considered on 23 April 2004.
The SSMG agreed that a discrepancy does exist but acknowledged that the cost of amending the BSC Systems to correct the defect may be substantial. It was also noted that the anomaly identified has implications on the Net Imbalance Volume (NIV) calculation, and therefore on the resulting Energy Imbalance Price. The SSMG concluded that further analysis of both the materiality of the issue and the central system cost of potential solutions should be performed as the complexities of resolving the issue could potentially outweigh the benefits. The SSMG believed that it was unlikely that Parties would be able to gain a commercial advantage by targeting the anomaly. It was also noted that the Transmission Company is aware of the issue.
Elexon agreed to carry out some further analysis. BGT intend to consider the outcome of this analysis prior to determining whether or not to raise a Modification Proposal in this area.
A summary of the SSMG discussions on Issue 7 was presented to the Panel meeting of 7 June 2004 (78/001e).
BGT have raised Issue 7 as P167.


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