Issue 09: Review of Aspects of the Modification Process

Formal title: Review of Aspects of the Modification Process

Current Status


The Proposer argues that – although generally the Modification Process works well – Section F contains some shortcomings including the inability to withdraw a Modification after it has been presented to the Panel, the inability to recall and amend legal text with the Authority, and the requirement for ‘housekeeping’ changes to follow the full Modification Procedures.
The Proposer has raised Issue 9 to allow a standing group to undertake a review of the Section F Modification Procedures – building on the ‘issues register’ presented by Elexon to the BSC Panel as paper 75/014, and any efficiency lessons to be learned from other industry code governance structures.


Issue 9 ‘Review of Aspects of the Modifications Process’ was raised on 20 July 2004 by BizzEnergy, in order to allow a Standing Modification Group to undertake a review of the Section F Modification Procedures.
The GSMG met on 5 August 2004 to discuss Issue 9, and agreed that there may be merit in future Modification Proposals being raised in respect of the existing processes surrounding ‘housekeeping’ Modifications and Implementation Dates. The full views and recommendations of the Group were provided to the Panel at its September 2004 meeting (82/001(e)).


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