Issue 17: Review of Electricity Market Information (REMI)

Formal title: Review of Electricity Market Information (REMI)

Current Status


National Grid is currently developing proposals to improve information flows between Users and National Grid under the Grid Code. Issue 17 outlines the potential impact of the Grid Code proposals on the BSC and BMRS, and seeks to initiate discussion regarding the potential benefits of these proposals (and any other proposals relating to BMRS data publication that the Standing Group may wish to develop) on market signals.


The Final Report was sent to the Panel at it’s meeting on 8 September 2005, paper number 96/001(e).

The Group concluded that the BMRS Zones should be reviewed. In addition there would be merit in considering the disaggregation of Output Usable data via a Modification Proposal.

The Group remained unconvinced that there would be merit in progressing the other two aspects, but agreed that there was no reason in principle why Modification Proposals should not be raised in order to consider these issues further.


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