Issue 48: SMETS & Codes of Practice (CoPs)

Formal title: SMETS & Codes of Practice (CoPs)

Current Status


The BSC currently requires all Metering Equipment to comply with the Codes of Practice (CoP). However, it was thought that smart Meters will only need to comply with smart metering equipment technical specifications (SMETS) and will not need to additionally comply with the CoPs.

Elexon carried out a gap analysis on the CoPs and SMETS, and convened an Issue Group to consider the findings and what changes are necessary to the BSC, CoPs or other Code Subsidiary Documents.


Elexon raised Issue 48 on 5 June 2013.

Issue 48 Group met on the 25 July 2013.

Elexon tabled the Final Report at the 12 September 2013 Panel meeting.


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