Issue 67

Formal title: Meter Timeswitch Code for Smart Meters

Current Status


SSE have identified that the Meter Timeswitch Codes available are not appropriate for Smart Meters, especially considering that a SMETS compliant Smart Meter can be operated in credit or prepayment mode and change configuration. SSE are looking to raise this as an issue so that there can be an industry agreement on what the correct MTC is for a SMETS compliant meter that will be recognised by Supplier, MOP, DNO, DC and Settlements.

The Meter Timeswitch Codes available were defined before Smart Metering was introduced into the industry. As such, Smart Meters are yet to be considered with regards to what would be an appropriate MTC. Assumptions appear to have been made across the industry and as a result, it is not clearly identifiable that a site has a Smart Meter installed through looking at the top line of the full MPAN (which includes the MTC, Profile Class and Line Loss Factor). The rules for updating the MTC are out of date and do not apply to SMETS compliant electricity meters in so much as they cannot account for a Smart Meter that can be both in credit or prepayment mode and on any Time Pattern Regime / Tariff.


The workgroup has considered Issue 67 and determined that no BSC change is required. The Issue report was tabled at the BSC Panel on 13 April 2017.

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The Issue report was tabled at the BSC Panel on 13 April 2017.


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