COVID-19: Impact on BSC Change process


Please note that this page has now been archived and will no longer be updated. This page gives details of the impacts on BSC changes from the Panel’s agreed prioritisation approach in response to COVID-19. 

This page was last updated on 14 June 2021.

Managing office facilities and visitor safety

As part of our ongoing efforts to manage our office environment during the COVID-19 pandemic we have undertaken reviews of our facilities and office processes to ensure we are providing a safe work environment for our staff and for any visitors to the London office.

COVID-19 Prioritisation ends on 30 June 2021

The Panel agreed, at its meeting on 10 June 2021, to end the COVID-19 prioritisation approach on 30 June 2021. 

The Panel has reviewed this approach at its June, August, October and December 2020 meetings. At its March 2021 meeting  it agreed the approach should end in June 2021, subject to feedback, the evolving situation and returning to the June 2021 Panel meeting for agreement.

In coming to this most recent decision, the Panel took into consideration the Government’s roadmap to easing lockdown and the significant headway made with vaccinations. The Panel noted that the final stage of the Government’s roadmap may be delayed, but believed sufficient progress had been made.

Changes during COVID-19

Changes to the BSC (and its subsidiary documents) will continue to be progressed, but will be prioritised, until 30 June 2021 based on whether the change:

  • Is required to mitigate risks and issues caused by COVID-19
  • Is required to be implemented by a fixed deadline, and
  • Has minimal impact on market participants, unless required for the previous two points.

The Panel recognises and agreed to these steps because the COVID-19 situation is challenging and unprecedented for market participants, and that it has resulted in significant operational challenges and changes to the way that they run their business.

Consultations will be staggered to ease the burden on market participants. Further details can be found below.

Changes progressing as usual

All Changes, Issues and Modifications not listed on this page are being progressed as normal.

Changes that are delayed

This shows the current changes that do not meet the criteria and are therefore being de-prioritised.

Modifications with amended timelines

Modification: P332 ‘Revisions to the Supplier Hub Principle’
Reasons for delay: Significant impact on Parties, particularly Suppliers and their Agents

Modification: P395 ‘Excluding generators from BM Unit Gross Demand and the calculation of EMR Supplier Charges’
Reasons for delay: Significant impact on Parties, particularly Suppliers

COVID-19 Prioritisation Approach Review

The main impact on BSC Changes as a result of the COVID-19 prioritisation approach was on the following Modification timelines:

  • P332 – 3 month extension
  • P375 – 3 month extension
  • P398 – 1 month extension
  • P376 – 2 month extension

The P379 cost-benefit consultation was delayed from September 2021 to November 2021.

We also held of raising PAF Review changes with material impacts on participants. This also allowed us to focus on our COVID-19 response (e.g. derogations) and supporting customers.

Workgroups remained unaffected and virtual meetings have been well attended, received positive feedback and worked extremely well. We intend to maintain virtual meetings for Workgroups, but welcome feedback on this.

The impact was reduced because industry and Elexon remained able to support the progression of BSC Changes.


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