August 2023 CPC Consultation

Change Proposal Circulars (CPCs) are a consultations batch for Change Proposals (amendments to BSC subsidiary documents) and the request of Impact Assessment responses to Change Proposals from Industry Participants. 

The August 2023 Change Proposal Circular (CPC) Batch is to provide an Impact Assessment for the Industry Consultation of four Change Proposals (CPs): 

Please respond by: 5:00pm on Monday 4 September 2023.

Who do we expect to be impacted?

  • CP1582 – No impacts on BSC Parties or Party Agents expected
  • CP1583 – No impacts on BSC Parties or Party Agents expected
  • CP1584 – Any non-BSC Party that intends on raising or anyone that wishes to withdraw a Change Proposal (CP).
  • CP1585 – Licenced Distribution System Operators (LDSOs), Half Hourly Data Collectors (HHDCs)

What is the proposed solution?

  • CP1582 – This CP will remove the Meter Administrator (MA) from BSCP520 step 
  • CP1583 – This CP will rationalise the publication of ETR data on Elexon systems by removing references to the redundant or superseded reports from BSC Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs). 
  • CP1584 – This CP seeks to equip non-BSC Parties with a procedure for initiating a CP. Additionally, it seeks to add a withdrawal process to BSCP40 ‘Change Management’. This CP also replaces the processes related to the Party Agent Change Administrator (PACA) and BSC Change Administrator (BCA) with relevant distribution lists.
  • CP1585 – This CP proposes that the HHDC send Half Hourly data for Embedded LDSO connected sites to the Host LDSO via D0275 and/or D0036 to improve the quality of forecasting and reduce manual effort. 

How do I respond?

The consultation response form and all supporting documents can be found on the CP1582, CP1583, CP1584 and CP1585 web pages and the Change Proposal Circulars page of the Elexon website.

Please send your response entitled ‘August 2023 CPC Consultation Response’ to [email protected] by 5:00pm Monday 4 September 2023.


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