Elexon to publish Settlement performance league tables under Modification P427

From 23 February 2023, under Modification P427, Elexon will be able to publish the Settlement performance data of Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs)* under the Peer Comparison Performance Assurance Technique.

There will be two ways that a PAP’s data can be published:

  • Regular league tables
  • Notice to industry

Currently, when performance issues are identified through Elexon’s Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) and the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) determines that the Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) process should be applied, PAPs work with Elexon to agree what steps they will take to resolve the issues. It often takes longer than expected to resolve these issues, with many EFR plans remaining open for over a year, and the longer this takes, the longer there is a material impact on Settlement accuracy.

What data can be made public?

Modification P427 was developed under the PAB’s recommendation and it allows for three types of data disclosures to be made public by Elexon:

  • Supplier Settlement performance league tables
  • Accountability of Parties in respect of high value Settlement errors
  • Information on Parties that have failed to progress Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) plans from February 2023.     

In each case, the PAB would need to make a recommendation to the Panel, which would then decide if the data can be published.

Providing transparent performance data sharpens the incentive for EFR plan implementation, and we anticipate that it will lead to a swifter resolution of Settlement performance issues.

Publishing Supplier Settlement Performance league tables

On 9 March 2023, the Panel will decide if Settlement performance league tables can be published.

The data would include performance against two key Settlement accuracy standards:

  • Suppliers having to settle 97% of their total Non-Half Hourly (NHH) metered energy on actual readings (rather than estimates) by the Final Reconciliation Run (RF) which is 14 months after any given Settlement Period.
  • Suppliers having to settle 99% of their total Half Hourly (HH) metered energy on actual readings by the Reconciliation Run (R1) which is two months after any Settlement Period.

The league tables would show the deviation from the two applicable standards above for each Supplier Market Participant Identifier (MPID). The statistics will show either positive performance (beating the standard) or negative performance (underperforming against the standard). The data will be expressed in MWh volumes. 

If the Panel approves publication, Suppliers will be sent their own Settlement performance data to check in April. The league tables would then be published monthly, from May 2023.

Modification P427 increases transparency

Elexon’s Chief Executive, Simon McCalla, reflected on P427:

“As a trusted provider of data, Elexon recognises the crucial role that transparency plays in an open market. This Modification allows for increased transparency which will help us to celebrate the excellent work that many of our Parties are doing, while also delivering service excellence and customer value, which are key pillars of Elexon’s new strategy.”

For more information see our Modification P427 webpage and also Ofgem’s decision letter on approval of the change.

*PAPs can include Suppliers, Generators and other companies that must provide data that impacts the Settlement process.

This article was issued as a Press Release on 22 February 2023.


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