COVID-19: Possible estimation derogation changes after lockdown announced

See updates regarding estimation derogations during COVID-19.

Latest on estimation derogations

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Current plans for estimation derogations

At its September meeting, the PAB agreed that the derogations should end on 31 December 2020

The PAB is now issuing a three month notice period to the industry.

No change to derogation despite Welsh lockdown

The Welsh Government announced a ‘fire-break’ lockdown from 6pm on Friday October 23 until Monday 9 November.

Elexon and the PAB have considered the Welsh lockdown and whether any change of approach to the derogations are required. They concluded that no change to our approach is currently required.

Half Hourly sites

The derogation to allow a revised estimation hierarchy is still in place meaning that Suppliers can use the derogated process to provide more accurate estimation for the Half Hourly periods during the Welsh lockdown.

Non Half Hourly sites

Many sites will still have the derogated Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC) in place and, for those that don’t, the lockdown is for a two week period only, enabling Suppliers to obtain readings that reflect the lockdown period afterwards or to begin obtaining evidence from their read collection activities that sites should enter the Long Term Vacant process.

Ongoing review 

Elexon and the PAB will continue to consider the impact of government announcements on the approach taken.

Latest COVID-19 updates

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