Formal title: Allow smart CoS agreed Disputed Reads to be entered into Settlement

Current Status

CPC Consultation
Committee Decision
Awaiting Implementation


CP1446 proposes to amend the process for correcting disputed Change of Supplier (CoS) reads for smart Meters that will be introduced by P302 ‘Improve the Change of Supplier Meter read and Settlement process for smart Meters’. These changes will allow each Supplier (old and new) and its Supplier Agents to be able to process any corrections independently of the other. This will remove the risk of flows failing validation due to the two Suppliers using different configurations for the Meter.


CP1446 was raised by EDF Energy on 13 August 2015 and has been issued for CP Consultation. The SVG approved CP1446 on 3 November 2015 for implementation on 30 June 2016 as part of the June 2016 Release.


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