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This page lists all Change Consultations which are opened when we need to obtain feedback from the industry on potential Modifications, Change Proposals and Issues. The page also includes Change consultations which have ceased to be active as they have reached their closed date.

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P272 Assessment Phase Consultation


This is the Assessment Phase consultation for P272 ‘Mandatory Half Hourly Settlement for Profile Classes 5-8’

P272 Second Assessment Consultation


This is the seond Assessment Consultation issued for P272.

The P272 Workgroup issued an assessment consultation on Friday 23 September. The Group subsequently met on the Friday 21 October to discuss the consultation responses and how best to proceed with the Modification. During the discussions, Ofgem asked the Group whether they could better quantify the costs and benefits of P272, to help inform their recommendation to the BSC Panel. In the light of Ofgem’s questions, the Group agreed to consult further to ascertain a clearer picture of what the costs will be across the industry, including initial set up costs and ongoing costs.

P275 Assessment Consultation


This is the Assessment Phase consultation for P275 ‘Extending BSC Performance Assurance’.

P280 Assessment Consultation Procedure


P280 seeks to introduce new Measurement Classes for Half Hourly-settled customers in the Domestic, SME and I&C markets, and a requirement for the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent to provide Distributors with aggregated Half Hourly consumption data for Metering Systems registered to these new Measurement Classes.

P279 Report Phase Consultation


This will the Report Phase consultation for Modification P279 ”Correcting the BSC description of the CDCA to SVAA interface for GSP Group net Export’.


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