Risk Evaluation Register (RER) 2020/21 Industry Consultation

We are proposing a revised Risk Evaluation Register in line with Performance Assurance Framework Review.


Who will this impact?

This Risk Evaluation Register represents a key deliverable in the Performance Assurance Framework Review and outlines a new approach to evaluating risk following our newly approved Risk Evaluation Methodology

We are keen to ensure that you hear about these changes and understand the impact they may have on BSC Parties. With this in mind Elexon have produced a Risk Evaluation Supplimentary Information document for each risk in the Risk Evaluation Register, these can be accessed below.

This consultation asks respondents to review the Risk Evaluation Register 2020/21, and to submit any comments to [email protected] by 20 March 2020.

Responses to this consultation will be presented to the Performance Assurance Board meeting on 26 March 2020. No response will be taken to mean that you agree to the proposed changes.


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