P379 ‘Multiple Suppliers through Meter Splitting’

Formal title: Enabling consumers to buy and sell electricity from/to multiple providers through Meter Splitting

As per ELEXON’s communication concerning the impact of COVID-19 the timeline for P379 has been pushed back 3 months. While we presented the scope of the cost/benefit analysis (CBA) on 14 May 2020 we don’t intend to issue the CBA to industry at the moment.

This Modification will enable consumers to be supplied by multiple Suppliers through Balancing and Settlement Code (BSC) Settlement Meters at the Boundary Point. P379 will allow multiple Suppliers to compete for the supply or export of electricity through a single Meter without needing to establish an agreement between all of the Suppliers involved for every instance.

P379 aims to address a significant barrier to competition in the market rules whereby multiple Suppliers are unable to compete for behind-the-meter energy volumes, measured via the same boundary Metering System. Whilst the existing SVA Shared Metering Arrangements do facilitate splitting of boundary Metered volumes between different Suppliers, these arrangements are restrictive, for example they require agreements in advance between the Suppliers. The Proposer believes that the existing arrangements don’t adequately facilitate the development of local energy markets and supply innovation, and effectively mean there is a monopoly of one Party, the ‘default’ or ‘Primary’ Supplier, over a consumer’s energy volumes behind a Settlement Meter at any given time, restricting competition and innovation.

Next Steps

Bidders for the cost/benefit analysis (CBA) work have been asked to provide proposals by 12 August 2020. We intend for CBA work to start in September 2020, involving industry consultation hopefully in November or December 2020 and with a view to producing a final CBA report early in 2021

Current Status

Initial Written Assessment
Assessment Procedure
Report Phase
With Authority
Awaiting Implementation


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