P453 Metering Dispensation process improvements and clarification to the CoPs

Formal title: Amending the Metering Dispensation process, updating AMP/DMP in the CoPs and clarifying the relevant CoP

This Modification seeks to progress two recommendations from Issue 93 ‘Review of the BSC metering Codes of Practice’. The first recommendation clarifies the relevant Code of Practice (CoP) for circuits embedded behind the Boundary Point Metering System or Defined Metering Point (DMP). The second recommendation eliminates the need for Metering Dispensations when the Actual Metering Point (AMP) does not coincide with the DMP, but there is no impact on Settlement accuracy.

Issue 93 concluded in June 2022 with the Issue Report presented to the BSC Panel on 8 September 2022. The Issue Group highlighted a number of issues, two of which are proposed to be addressed by this Modification:

  • Differences in metering point locations between the AMP and DMP can lead to Metering Dispensation requests, which require significant time and resources to process. If the metering point error, introduced by location, doesn’t exceed overall accuracy limits, applying a Metering Dispensation may not be necessary, as it poses no significant risk to Settlement. When the error exceeds overall accuracy limits, compensation can be applied to the meter, but using a generic Metering Dispensation is still challenging and poses a Settlement risk if not validated.
  • The relevant CoP for circuits embedded behind the Boundary Point Metering System or DMP specified in Appendix A of the CoPs is unclear, resulting in different interpretations and Metering Dispensation requests.

Current Status

Report Phase
Awaiting Implementation


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