February 2015 Release

Scope of the Release

The scope of the February 2015 Release currently includes changes to BSC Systems for Electricity Market Reform (EMR Registration Requirements) and eight approved Change Proposals:

  • CP1392 – BSCP18 Bid-Offer Acceptance Related Data Corrections to the SAA system via Electronic File Transfer Method (BMRA-I002) instead of manual Email Method (SAA-I033)
  • CP1395 – Distribution of Configuration Details for Smart Meters

      On 10 October 2013, the Panel approved CP1395 and rejected the mutually exclusive CP1388 (Panel Paper 217/07).

  • CP1418 – Validation of D0041 flows
  • CP1419 – Improving data accuracy by enabling the D01312 flow to be sent on a Change of Supplier 
  • CP1421 – Linking BSCP520 obligations to the Operational Information Document
  • CP1422 – Add a Defined Metering Point for an Offshore Transmission Connection Point to the HH Codes of Practice
  • CP1425 – Consequential changes to BSCP201 following EMR
  • CP1427 – Housekeeping change to BSCP503 for EMR

The link to the changes to the BSC and its Code Subsidiary Documents (CSDs) to support the EMR arrangements that become effective on 26 February is here.

Impact Matrix

Click here to open the February 2015 Impact Matrix. This document will be updated as new Change Proposals are approved for inclusion in the Release.

Software Documents to be Amended as Part of the Release

The Category 2 documents below are the redlined versions which have been amended for the February 2015 Release (CP1418)

SVAA (ISRA) Technical Specification_redlined_v27.2

SVAA (ISRA) System Management Guide_redlined_v26.2

SVAA (ISRA) Operations Guide_redlined_v21.2


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