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Dispute Decisions

ELEXON Trading Dispute decisions

We assess all Trading Disputes (Disputes) against the three criteria that must be met. We send our view to the Raising Party and any affected Parties.

The Trading Disputes Committee (TDC) hears all Disputes that we think are valid.

Disputes that we think are invalid can be closed without being heard by the TDC. However, this is only if, within 14 days of our decision:

  • The Raising Party doesn’t object to the findings
  • No affected Parties object to our findings
  • No other Parties have contacted us to state that they believe they are an affected Party but weren’t informed of our findings.

If you don’t notify me, how can I know whether I’m affected?

The spreadsheet below lists our findings for recent Disputes. If a Dispute is invalid and you haven’t been contacted as an affected Party but believe you should have been, you can contact us via disputes@elexon.co.uk and we will take the Dispute to the TDC.

ELEXON disputes decisions  [30.5 Kb] Issued On: 16 March 2017

Register of TDC Determinations

This register provides a summary of Trading Dispute determinations made by the Trading Disputes Committee (TDC).

When considering a Trading Query or Dispute, the TDC decides whether a Settlement Error has occurred (defined in Section W1.3 of the BSC).

The TDC may apply precedent in deciding whether Settlement Error has occurred. The TDC may however consider two seemingly similar Trading Disputes but reach different determinations regarding Settlement Error due to the unique circumstances of each Trading Dispute. In all cases, the reasons for the TDC’s determination are given.

TDC Register of Determinations  [334.0 Kb] Issued On: 15 September 2017

EAC/AA Finding Forms

Every month, the TDC authorises the correction of data in the Non Half Hourly market to resolve errors associated with erroneous large Estimated Annual Consumptions (EACs) and Annualised Advances (AAs) in the Post-Final Settlement Run. A Finding Form is issued each month setting out the TDC’s decision.

TDC184 - DA303 Finding Form  [467.2 Kb]

TDC184 - DA147 Finding Form  [752.6 Kb]