March 2019 Standalone Release

Each Release package has an associated web page that sets out details of the approved Modifications and Change Proposals that it will include. The lead time for a Modifications and CPs will vary depending on the nature and complexity of the solution, and can vary from a single Working Day after approval for document-only changes to a year or more if complex system changes are required.

Latest information

29 March 19: The Release is now live and the latest versions of documents are published on the Balancing & Settlement Code page of our Website with the Baseline Statement, version 163.0.

P370 (“Allowing non-BSC Parties to raise Modifications”) will be implemented separately on 3 April 2019, after 5 Working Days following approval on 27 March 2019.

There has not been any further update on 48-D (“BREXIT”).

Scope of the Release

We have now published the Release Implementation Circular with details of the final scope of this Release.

The  implementation date for this release is 29 March 2019. There is no impact on the BSC Systems.

This includes one approved Modification, P369 (“National Grid Legal Separation changes to BSC”) and a Change Proposal CP1511 (“Clarification of BSCP40 definitions and processes”).

P369 modifies the Balancing Settlement Code to reflect the creation of a new National Grid Electricity System Operator that is legally separate from National Grid Electricity Transmission Limited. This impacts a number of Configurable Items, Guidance Notes and Simple Guides.

CP1511 implements a number of clarifications and improvements to the BSC Change Management processes. It formalises the categorisation of Configurable Items, including the introduction of a new category; Category 3 Configurable Item.

CP1511 impacts BSCP40 and the Architecture Principles document which will be a Category 2 document effective from the implementation date.

There are two more changes targetted for this release, subject to approval. These include, P370 (“Allowing non-BSC Parties to raise Modifications”) and 48-D (“BREXIT”).

Document review of Configurable Items 

The BSC Sections impacted by P369 were updated and approved as part of the Modification process and will be effective on the implementation date.

The industry was invited to review the remainining  Configurable Items between 15 and 28 November. These were then approved by the Panel (BSC Panel 285) on 13 December. The rules and exceptions applied to the amended documents are listed in the Rules and Exceptions document

We amended BSCP40 as part of the Change Proposal process for CP1511.  The Panel has approved the proposed changes to the document “Code Subsidiary Documents Architectural Principles” on 14 February 2019, after industry review.

Please refer to the document impact matrix for this Release.


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