November 2016 Release


The scope of the November 2016 release includes three approved Modifications and seven approved Change Proposals:

  • P324 ‘Review of BSCCo’s governance: introducing improved accountability to BSC Parties’
  • P333 ‘Inclusion of DSBR volumes into the cash-out price in time for publication after the end of the end of the Settlement Period’
  • P337 ‘Extension to the payment timescales for Quarter Date Advice Notes below the Advice Note Threshold Limit’
  • CP1458 ‘Introduction of timescales for the P283 Commissioning process for SVA CT operated Metering Systems’
  • CP1459 ‘Amendments to the process for performing a Post-Final Settlement Run’
  • CP1461 ‘Amending BSCP128 to reflect a new simple SVA file format for LDSO LLF submissions’
  • CP1462 ‘Allow the CDCA to break and remake Metering Equipment seals to access local interrogation port’
  • CP1463 ‘Process for Elexon to calculate category 1 non-compliance materiality’
  • CP1467 ‘Inclusion of site ID data within the BSCP11/07 ‘TDC Trading Dispute Findings’ form
  • CP1468 ‘Adoption of a standard template for raising Modifications’


Please note that

  • on 14 October 2016 the Authority approved the P324 Proposed Modification  for implementation on 11 November 2016; 20 working days following the decision to approve.
  • the Panel agreed at its June 2016 Meeting to propose a revised implementation date of 29 June 2017  for P297 and P321 to the Authority (Panel 253/12). The Panel approved the revised Implementation Date on 8 August 2016. As a result , P297 and P321 are now included the scope of the June 2017 Release.


Interim Solution to P321

We have implemented an interim solution to replicate the core requirements of  P321 as closely as possible.  By necessity this will be a less automated solution, with the data being compiled by Elexon using our internal analysis tools, rather than being generated as part of the routine Settlement process.  They key aspects of this interim solution are as follows:

  • Reports will be published on a monthly basis, as per the 2016/17 publication calendar above;
  • The data in the report will be restricted to Initial Settlement (SF) only;
  • The report will be a single, downloadable Excel/CSV file containing data for all SF runs in the monthly reporting period;
  • The report will be hosted on the P321 page on the Elexon Website.

The first report is due to be published on 1 August 2016.

The publication calendar for the remainder of this BSC year is :

Settlement month P321 report published by
June 2016 1 August 2016
July 2016 25 August 2016
August 2016 27 September 2016
September 2016 27 October 2016
October 2016 25 November 2016
November 2016 27 December 2016
December 2016 27 January 2017
January 2017 27 February 2017
February 2017 27 March 2017
March 2017 28 April 2017


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