Functionality added to Kinnect Customer Solution for Modifications P376 and P419

As part of the 23 February 2023 Balancing and Settlement Code release, two Modifications (P376 and P419) will be implemented using our Customer Solution, one of the three pillars of Elexon Kinnect, our cloud platform.

We will publish guidance documents for companies that want to participate in the P376 and P419 reforms later this month.

What is the Kinnect Customer Solution?

Elexon Kinnect Customer Solution, self-service gateway offers online services that enables BSC Parties to carry out tasks and manage accounts online.

This includes:

  • Digitalised Market Entry
  • Asset registration
  • Account management
  • Exiting the market

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What is P376?

Modification P376 ‘Utilising a Baselining Methodology to set Physical Notifications for Settlement of Applicable Balancing Services’ supports Net Zero by making further inroads into helping independent aggregators (Virtual Lead Parties or VLPs for short) provide balancing services.

Elexon supports progress on Net Zero

Peter Stanley, Elexon’s Director Digital Operations, said:

“Over the past few years we have been supporting progress to Net Zero by working with industry on successive changes to the BSC which create more opportunities for VLPs to provide balancing services. The P376 changes give further encouragement to demand-side response (DSR) providers, and will give NGESO more options for balancing the system efficiently.

“Ultimately P419 helps to level the playing field between transmission-connected generation, generators connected to the distribution networks, and supply through interconnectors. Elexon data will play an essential role in the exemption process for P419 as the BSC is the primary source of aggregated metered data.”

What is P419?

P419 ‘Enhanced Reporting of Demand Data to the National Electricity Transmission System Operator (NETSO) to facilitate Balancing Services Use of System (BSUoS) Reform’ builds on changes that Elexon introduced in 2021 for P383.

P383 introduced processes for Suppliers and Half Hourly Data Aggregators (HHDAs) to participate in the aggregation and reporting of half hourly consumption and output data from storage facilities.

P419 will extend this  by allowing National Grid ESO (NGESO) and Elexon to identify and exclude demand volumes associated with generation, storage, combined generation and storage, and eligible services facilities (those which are not classed as Final Demand) when calculating BSUoS charges.

P419 supports Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review, which aims to apply fair allocation of Transmission and Distribution charges for businesses and consumers.

23 February 2023 BSC Release

P376 and P419 are being implemented as part of the February 2023 BSC Release. We group changes to the BSC so that they are implemented on 3 release days per year.  This allows industry parties to plan ahead and make changes to their systems and process to meet new requirements. 


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