Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) membership

The ISG is responsible for overseeing the operation of the Imbalance Settlement processes and systems in the Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Market.

View Iain Nicoll

Iain Nicoll


Iain is the Metering Manager in Elexon’s Settlement Operations team. He is currently one of the Elexon’s subject matter experts on BSC and Electricity Market Reform metering.

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View David Thomas

David Thomas

Vice Chairman

I joined Elexon in December 2016 as a Market Analysis Team Leader, and oversees a team of five analysts. I have over 20 years’ experience working in the energy industry, having worked for a Network Operator, Generator and Supplier during his career.

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View Angus Fairbairn

Angus Fairbairn

ISG Technical Secretary

I am an expert in Imbalance Pricing and provide training to BSC Parties on the topic. My role also includes reviewing Imbalance Pricing parameters, to ensure they are functioning accordingly in the dynamic energy market.

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View Lisa Waters

Lisa Waters

ISG Panel Sponsor

Lisa Waters is a BSC Panel Member, a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG) and the Credit Committee. She also regularly attends Modification groups.

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View Aaron Seamer

Aaron Seamer

Industry Member

Aaron is a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group.

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View Andrew Colley

Andrew Colley

Industry Member

Andrew joined the energy industry in 1988, and has accumulated extensive operational, development and management experience within the wholesale trading and settlement arrangements in the 30 years since; with involvement in most of the key stages of GB electricity market liberalisation and reform in that period, from privatisation to Electricity Market Reform etc.

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View Dennis Timmins

Dennis Timmins

Independant Member

Dennis has over 30 years of Business and Technical expertise in both Electricity and Gas markets. Experienced in settlement, forecasting and planning and change management related to Industry Code development.

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View Emma Burns

Emma Burns

Industry Member

Emma is a member of the Imbalance Settlement Group (ISG).

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View Olaf Islei

Olaf Islei

Industry Member

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View Phil Hewitt

Phil Hewitt

Industry Member

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View Oliver Zhe Xing

Oliver Zhe Xing

Industry Member

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View Robert Johnston

Robert Johnston

Industry Member

Robert is a member of the Performance Assurance Board and Trading Disputes Committee.

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