BSC Panel


The BSC Panel plays an important role in helping to ensure that the provisions of the BSC are given effect; it must do so promptly, fairly, economically, efficiently, transparently and in such a manner as will promote effective competition in the generation, supply, sale and purchase of electricity.

Contact information

Fionnghuala Malone
BSC Administration Team Leader
020 7380 4353
[email protected]

BSC Panel in the Code

Section B of the Code sets out the rules covering the constitution and governance of the BSC Panel, its objectives and powers.

The Panel's role

The BSC Panel is a group of industry experts and consumer representatives. Its role is to govern the BSC and ensure that all Parties comply with the code’s rules. The Panel also assesses BSC rule change proposals (called Modifications) and votes on whether to approve or reject a Modification.

In cases where the change has a material impact on BSC Parties, the Panel makes a recommendation to Ofgem on whether the change should be approved or not.

Join a meeting

Our Panel meetings are held both virtually and in-person. If you would like to join a meeting, please email [email protected]

We have created a set of principles for online meetings to enhance the experience. These will be highlighted at the beginning of each meeting.

Pre-Panel Briefing Calls (discontinuing from May 2023)

Due to low attendance, Tuesday 11th April 2023 will be the last Pre-Panel briefing call.

On the first Thursday of each month, the agenda and all public papers for that month’s meeting is published on the meeting webpage. If you require any additional information, please email [email protected] 

Recording meetings

Please note that we record BSC Panel meetings for quality and training purposes. By attending and/or participating in a meeting you agree that your contributions will be recorded.

We do not publish these recordings. However, they may be shared with Panel members, appointed attendees from Ofgem and Distribution Businesses, BSC Auditor and employees of Elexon.


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