June 2016 Release


The scope of the June 2016 Release is three Approved Modifications and seven approved Change Proposals:

  • P302 – Improve the Change of Supplier Meter read and Settlement process for smart Meters
  • P315 – Publication of Gross Supplier Market Share Data
  • P331 – Extended Dispute Deadline at the Post-Final Settlement Run under exceptional circumstances
  • CP1434 – Amend the three digit numeric Line Loss Factor Class (LLFC) Id to an Alphanumeric LLFC Id
  • CP1446 – Allow smart CoS agreed Disputed Reads to be entered into Settlement
  • CP1447 – Amendment to the timescales for sending the D0010 from Supplier to NHHDC on a Smart Change of Supply event
  • CP1452 – Aligning BSCP502 with amendments to the Electricity Supply Licence
  • CP1454 – Amendment to the Category 1 Materiality Calculation
  • CP1456 – Clarification to BSCP514 regarding the sending of Meter Technical Details on receipt of a D0170 data flow
  • CP1457 – Changes to BSCP520 to support the introduction of Generic LED Charge Codes

P315 will amend the SVAA software and CP1434 will amend the SVAA and NHHDA software.

Impact Matrix

The June 2016 Release Impact Matrix will be updated as new Change Proposals are approved for inclusion in the Release.


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