Wider Access and TERRE

This page gives an overview of Wider Access, which will remove the barriers currently facing independent aggregators wanting to participate in the Balancing Mechanism (BM), and TERRE (Trans European Replacement Reserve Exchange) which is a European project to implement a new Replacement Reserve (RR) balancing product.

This page will detail the latest updates regarding Wider Access and TERRE.

Latest updates

Wider Access – deployed

Wider Access has be enabled to the GB Balancing Mechanism (BM). Virtual Lead Parties can now trade in the BSC.  
11 December 2019


Going live

The ‘central’ TERRE plaform went live on 6 January. It was launched by Transmission System Operators (TSOs) from eight countries, but so far only CEPS (Czech Republic) has joined. The remaining countries will be joining in waves until 2021/22.
7 January 2020

Derogation request – granted

Ofgem’s decision to grant the request confirms its view that National Grid ESO can be exempt from using the European platform for the exchange of balancing energy from the replacement reserve process until 30 June 2020.
28 November 2019


The impact Brexit will have on Wider Access and TERRE will depend on if Great Britain leaves the EU with a deal or not.

If No-deal occurs

In the event of a no-deal Brexit, GB market participants will not be able to participate in TERRE.

However, the expectation is that Parties will be able to participate at some point in the future once a post no-deal framework is agreed.

If the Withdrawal Agreement is agreed

TERRE development will continue. The Withdrawal Agreement has no impact on the electricity industry’s participation in the EU.

However, should the post-Transition period relationship not be agreed before the end of the transition period, he the UK will leave the EU without a deal i.e. a no-deal Brexit and as such, GB market participants will not be able to partake in TERRE from exit day.
14 November 2019

Wider Access Impact Assessment

ELEXON’s Wider Access Impact Assessment sets out the technical changes parties will need to prepare for Wider Access in December 2019. 
4 November 2019


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