Performance Assurance Board (PAB)


The Performance Assurance Board (PAB) conducts and administers activities to provide assurance that all participants in the BSC arrangements are suitably qualified and that the relevant standards are maintained.

Contact information

PAB Secretary
[email protected]

Become a PAB member

Interested in becoming an PAB Industry Member or Alternate?  Apply using our online form or contact 
[email protected] for more information.


The PAB is appointed by, and reports to the BSC Panel. The PAB is responsible for the following Performance Assurance Techniques:

  • SVA Qualification
  • Technical Assurance
  • Operational audit
  • Liquidated Damages 
  • Peer Comparison

The PAB may also recommend a BSC Modification or Change Proposal to the BSC Panel relating to issues that arise from its work.

Read the Terms of Reference for more information about how the committee operates.


Attend a meeting

Our meetings are held both virtually and in-person. If you would like to join a meeting, please email [email protected]. Credit Committee Meetings are open to any BSC Party and the business discussed is non-confidential. Attendees can observe the proceedings but cannot speak unless invited by the chairperson.

We have created a set of principles for online meetings to enhance the experience. These will be highlighted at the beginning of each meeting.

PAB in the Code

Section Z of the BSC covers the constitution, governance, functions and proceedings of the Performance Assurance Board (PAB). It also contains the rules for the implementation of Performance Assurance Techniques. 


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