List of all BSC Change Proposals

These pages list all Change Proposals (CP) issued since 2010. These are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC. They must have a clear aim, a single defined solution and contain the relevant redlined documentation changes.

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CP1554 ‘Future proofing the measurement transformer standards’

CP1554 looks to future proof the  measurement transformer standards in Code of Practices 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10

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CP1553: Meters and Current Transformers minimum accuracy classes

This Change proposal looks to tighten the requirements for Meters and Current Transformers in the Code of Practice.

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CP1552 ‘Reflecting BSCP501 timeframes in BSCP520 processes’

CP1552 seeks to provide clarity to market participants about the timeframes for various processes in BSCP520 ‘Unmetered Supplies Registered in SMRS’. 

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CP1551 ‘Measuring Instruments Regulations – updates to BSCP601’

CP1551 seeks to update BSCP601 ‘Metering Protocol Approval and Compliance Testing’ so it aligns with new Government legislation for new Meters being placed on the GB market.

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CP1550: Updates to monitoring of voltage failure alarms requirements

This Change Proposal looks to simplify the management of phase failures and update the requirements of voltage failure alarms.

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CP1549 ‘Amendment of BSCP516 to clarify the criteria for Non-Domestic SVA Metering Systems’

CP1549 seeks to remove the text from BSCP516 ‘Allocation of Profile Classes and SSC’s for Non Half Hourly SVA Metering Systems Registered in SMRS’ that suggests a Change of Measurement Class from HH to NHH Profile Classes 3 or 4 is not possible so that it aligns with the correct interpretation of the rules set out in the BSC.

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CP1548 ‘Remove constraint requiring BMRS to publish data files in a specific CSV format and structure’

This change proposal, CP1548, seeks to remove the specification of particular download formats in NETA IDD Part 1 Document paragraph 4.13 and be housed and maintained in the BMRS API and Data Push User Guide

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CP1547 ‘Clarification on Site Specific LLF Calculation Process for Embedded LDSOs’

CP1547 seeks to provide clarity for Embedded LDSOs that choose to calculate Site Specific Line Loss Factors rather than Mirroring, through updates to BSCP128. 

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CP1546 ‘Introducing DTC flows to transfer UMS Summary Inventories and Control files’

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CP1545 ‘Introducing Technical Assurance of Metering (TAM) Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Specific Sample audits’

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