List of all BSC Change Proposals

These pages list all Change Proposals (CP) issued since 2010. These are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC. They must have a clear aim, a single defined solution and contain the relevant redlined documentation changes.

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Amend BSCP503 to add new recipients of the D0355 data flow
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Updating references to the British and International Standards within the relevant Code Subsidiary Documents.
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Updates to BSCP520 to align with working practices and UMSUG recommendations
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New Interconnector fuel type
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Allowing ‘off site’ Commissioning of current transformers preinstalled in cut outs or switchgear at manufacture for use in low voltage (LV) installations
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Amend BSCP201’s references to dual/single pricing following implementation of P305
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Changes to European Transparency Regulation data to align with latest ENTSO-e Manual of Procedures
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Removal of the requirement to submit sampling data for Profile Classes 5-8 following the implementation of P272
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Correction to P302 footnote in BSCP504
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Amend the BSCP537 Appendices to add a requirement for Suppliers and MOAs to demonstrate the ability to send and receive Smart Meter Configuration details
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