List of all BSC Change Proposals

These pages list all Change Proposals (CP) issued since 2010. These are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC. They must have a clear aim, a single defined solution and contain the relevant redlined documentation changes.

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CP1544 ‘BSCCo Approved EFR Representative sign-off required for any EFR plan following escalation’

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CP1543 ‘Use of DTC dataflow D0051 in the Half Hourly sector’

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CP1542 ‘Transfer the obligation to visit de-energised sites annually from Data Collector to Supplier’

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CP1541 ‘Use of D0004 in BSCP502’

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CP1540 ‘Strengthening the Qualification – Change of Ownership Process’

Strengthening the Qualification - Change of Ownership Process
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CP1539 ‘Inclusion of LCCC as an Affected party in Metering Dispensation applications’

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CP1538 Correct Specification of TERRE Tibco messages

The Assessment Report for CP1538 was presented to the  ISG on 2 February 2021, where it was approved for implementation in the April 2021 ad-hoc BSC release

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CP1537 ‘Extending the Timescales for agreeing Technical Assurance of Performance Assurance Parties (TAPAP) Findings Reports’

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CP1536 ‘Use of DTC data flow D0379 for submission of unmetered Half Hourly data’

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CP1535 ‘Interconnector Fuel Type Category update to BMRS’

CP1535 seeks to Add the North Sea Link (NSL) Interconnector to the BMRS. CP1535 will also enable the withdrawal of the CP1516 interim solution to incorporate data from IFA2 and ElecLink Interconnectors on the BMRS.

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