List of all BSC Change Proposals

These pages list all Change Proposals (CP) issued since 2010. These are detailed proposals which are raised to amend CSDs and/or BSC Systems, but would not alter the BSC. They must have a clear aim, a single defined solution and contain the relevant redlined documentation changes.

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Introduction of two data flows for the Commissioning process for Half Hourly (HH) Supplier Volume Allocation (SVA) Current Transformer (CT) operated Metering Systems
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Introduction of a rejection response dataflow for a D0170 ‘Request for Meter System Related Details’ request from the Meter Operator Agent to the Licensed Distribution System Operator where a D0215 ‘Provision of Site Technical Details’ response is required.
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Introduction of an objection window for Housekeeping Change Proposals
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Add a form and associated process steps to BSCP15 for registering Non-Standard BM Unit configurations
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Causes and treatment of large Line Loss Factors
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Lack of clarification surrounding the timeliness of Proving Tests and documentation for CVA MOA in BSCP02
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Changes to BSCP27 and Technical Assurance Agent Service Descriptions to remove constraints to service improvement
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Amendments to BSCP128 to align with BSCP68 timescales for LLF submissions for BM Units transferring from SMRS to CMRS and vice versa
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Align the NETA IDD spreadsheets with the live implementation of the SAA-I014 flow
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Remove the exclusion of Change of Measurement Classes in BSCP533 Appendix B
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