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Where can I get Profile data?

Elexon can provide some example data to non-BSC parties free of charge. The detailed profile data can be purchased under licence. Details are provided on the Data Flows webpage: Data Flows – Elexon BSC parties are entitled to other levels of profile data depending on their Market Role. For more information please contact Elexon. Contact […]
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What are the Approved weather stations?

The temperature data is provided to the SVA Agent on a daily basis by the Meteorological Office and is collected for each GSP Group from weather stations that are approved for use by the Supplier Volume Allocation Group (SVG). You can download a list of the approved weather stations on the Elexon Portal.
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What data is used in Profiling?

The Profile Administrator collects half-hourly demand data from customers in the profiling samples. The Profile Administrator uses temperature data from each GSP Group in the creation of Profiling data. The Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVA Agent) uses the out-turn temperature data to calculate Daily Profile Coefficients.
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How are Profile Classes allocated?

The method of allocating a Profile Class is dependent on whether: i. the Metering System Identifier (MSID) is Import or Export; ii. meter usage is Domestic or Non-Domestic; iii. meter has ‘switched load’ capabilities; iv. Maximum Demand (MD) is recorded. More information on the allocation of Profile Classes is available from BSCP516 – Allocation of […]
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What are the Profile Classes?

Profile Class 1 – Domestic Unrestricted Customers Profile Class 2 – Domestic Economy 7 Customers Profile Class 3 – Non-Domestic Unrestricted Customers Profile Class 4 – Non-Domestic Economy 7 Customers Profile Class 5 – Non-Domestic Maximum Demand (MD) Customers with a Peak Load Factor (LF) of less than 20% Profile Class 6 – Non-Domestic Maximum […]
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What is a Load Profile?

A Load Profile represents the pattern of electricity usage by day and by year for the average customer in one of eight Profile Classes. Profile Classes 1 and 2 are for domestic premises and Classes 3 to 8 are for non-domestic premises. We create Profiles for each of these Profile Classes by randomly selecting sites […]
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