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Who should we nominate as our initial Category A Authorised Signatory?

This is entirely up to you but we suggest they have sufficient authorisation within the company to make the relevant decisions for the amendments and requests required. They must be appointed by the Company Director via a Directors Letter accompanying the BSCP38/5.1 Part A and C forms.
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Do I need to pay for Authorised Signatories?

No, you do not need to pay to have Authorised Signatories.
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Can I change my own Party ID?

No, once you have acceded to the BSC with a particular Party ID you will not be able to change it unless you follow the Market Exit Process to remove it and then begin the Market Entry Process again, to introduce a new Party ID.  You may change your company name as long as the […]
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How do I submit BSC Party operational contact details?

As part of the Market Entry process Elexon requires contact details from BSC Parties so that it can efficiently resolve operational queries and issues. Parties are requested to keep Elexon informed of the following: Two 24 hour credit contacts that can deal with Credit Default issues.In accordance with the BSC, a Credit Default has to […]
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How can I remove someone’s authorisation?

To remove an Authorised Person the CRA must receive a BSCP38/5.1 Part A and D. These forms should be populated by a relevant Category A Authorised Person. If the person cancelled is the only category Signatory and you are not withdrawing from the BSC, please also submit a Directors Letter nominating a replacement Category A […]
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How often can I change and update our authorised people?

As often as you like. To update your authorised persons, you must follow the process in BSCP38. There is no limit to the number of authorised persons you have registered for your company.
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How can I check who is authorised for our company?

Each BSC Party should maintain a list of who within their company is authorised. Each year the Central Registration Agent (CRA) send a full list of the current Authorised people to a Category A Authorised person within each company. A Category A Authorised Person within your company can request a current list of all Authorised […]
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Which are the different categories of authorisation in BSCP38?

Section 4 of BSCP38 lists all of the authorisation categories in full and explains what the authorisation covers.
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All the Category A Authorised People have left our company. How do we create new ones?

Each company requires at least one category A authorised person as they are the only person who can add or cancel authorisations on behalf of your company. To set up your initial Authorised Person the CRA must receive a Letter from your Company Director (on Company Letterhead) and BSCP38/5.1 Part A and C. A template […]
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I am an Authorised Person but have forgotten my password, can this be reissued?

Yes, there are various ways to do this. Contact the BSC Service Desk and request that your password be reissued. You may also Contact your Company OSM (if you have one) or email [email protected] from the email account you registered with as an Authorised Signatory.
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