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How do I apply for approval of my Central Management System (CMS)?

If you wish to apply for approval of a CMS then you will need to approach the CMS Testing Co-ordinator whose contact details are provided on the CMS webpage. The contact will co-ordinate the approval process for you. This will usually consist of the following processes: An initial meeting to discuss your CMS and the […]
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What is an UMSUG Code?

There is no such thing as an UMSUG Code. The correct terminology is a Charge Code. To find out how to apply for a Charge Code please see the guidance on the following webpage: Charge Codes and Switch Regimes – Elexon
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What are the Serials used to calculate Supplier Charges?

Supplier Charges are incurred for underperformance against six PARMS Serials. These are described in the table below. Supplier Charges are applied based on underperformance by Supplier ID, reporting period (Calendar Month) and GSP Group. Serial Serial Description Standard SP01 Delivery of Routine Performance Monitoring Reports Zero Working Days that a full set of PARMS Reports […]
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Who are Supplier Charges applied to?

Each month, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) authorises the application of Supplier Charges. Once the charges each Supplier is liable for has been calculated and summed across each GSP Group, the charges are re-distributed to Trading Parties within that GSP Group as follows: 90% of funds collected from a GSP Group are re-distributed to the […]
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How are Supplier Charges calculated?

The Performance Assurance Reporting and Monitoring System (PARMS) software calculates the Supplier Charges due, each calendar month. These charges are capped for each Supplier based on energy share within each GSP Group, to limit each Party’s liability in any one reporting period. A GSP Group monthly liability cap is calculated based on its annual energy […]
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