Error and Failure Resolution

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What are the big issues in Material Error Monitoring at the moment?

Issues we’re currently monitoring include: Erroneous Large Estimated Annual Consumption (EAC)/Annualised Advances (AAs); Unmetered Supplies (UMS); and Incorrect Energisation Status.
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How does the Material Error Monitoring process work?

We use the Material Error Monitoring process to analyse settlement data and supplementary data to estimate and track identified material errors. We can model and communicate the impact of identified settlement errors to the Performance Assurance Board and/or Trading Disputes Committee to help them make decisions. It also enables us to provide estimated error contribution […]
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Why is Material Error Monitoring used?

Material Error Monitoring provides assurance to Panel committees and other market participants that a Performance Assurance Party’s contribution to the error is quantified and the impact of such errors is established. This technique complements the BSC Audit, Technical Assurance, Error and Failure Resolution and Trading Disputes processes. The PAB has a set of reporting requirements […]
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How does the EFR process work?

The diagram below outlines the EFR process and escalation cycle. When a performance issue is identified and needs monitoring through EFR, we ask you to provide an action plan detailing the steps you’ll take to resolve the issue and the timescales for completion. When you’ve completed each step on your action plan, you need to […]
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Who’s involved in EFR?

At Elexon our team of experts is on hand to help you resolve your performance issues. We identify when we need to use EFR through Performance Assurance Techniques such as the BSC Audit, Technical Assurance, Material Error Monitoring and Performance Monitoring and Reporting. Also, you or your Operational Support Manager (OSM) may identify an operational […]
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What is EFR?

Error and Failure Resolution (EFR) is a key remedial technique in Elexon’s Performance Assurance Framework. It is used to assure Elexon, the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) and the rest of the industry that you understand identified performance issues and have robust plans in place to correct them in a timely manner. As part of the […]
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