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What are the performance measures?

Performance requirements are defined within PARMS Serials. A Serial is a defined area or process for performance measurement and the Standards are the required performance levels within the process.

When is data submitted?

PARMS data provided by Supplier and Supplier Agents is sent to parms@parms.bsccentralservices.com within 20 Working Days (WDs) of the end of each month (known as a Reporting Period (RP)). Suppliers receive automated reports confirming what data has been submitted by Supplier Agents acting on their behalf. We process this information and extract it for our […]

Who’s involved in Performance Monitoring and Reporting?

Performance data is submitted by Suppliers, Supplier Agents, Supplier Meter Registration Agents (SMRAs) and the Supplier Volume Allocation Agent (SVAA). We then provide industry performance information to the Performance Assurance Board (PAB) each month and publish it in a variety of forms, including Supplier and Meter Operator Dashboards, Settlement Risk Report and Peer Comparison Reports.