These pages list all Issues published since 2011. Issues are raised where problems or potential improvements to the current arrangements have been identified, but it’s not known how best they should be resolved. Once raised Issues will be discussed by an Issue Group to consider possible solutions, requirements or to define the scope and issue further.

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Issue 76

Using the BSC to support Suppliers and the Capacity Market Arrangements
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Issue 75

Use of Internet Protocol (IP) address based communication methods for Central Volume Allocation (CVA) Metering Systems
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Issue 74

Increased utilisation of non-BM STOR
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Issue 73

Review of fault management and resolution timescales
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Issue 72

Ensuring measurement transformer assets installed by a Non-BSC Party are successfully Commissioned within BSC timescales
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Issue 71

Introduction of a baselining methodology as an alternative to Physical Notifications
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Issue 70

Settlement of Secondary BM Units using metering at the asset
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Issue 69

Performance Assurance Framework Review
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Issue 68

Underestimation of Demand Capacity and Credit Cover Percentage
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Issue 67

Meter Timeswitch Code for Smart Meters
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Issue 66

Responsibility for addressing Meter faults for Dual Function Meters with different Suppliers for Import and Export
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Issue 65

Causes and treatment of large Line Loss Factors
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Issue 64

Defining default price when NIV equals zero and when there is no priced action left after NIV tagging
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Issue 63

Improved reporting of event history and profile availability during outage events on the BMRS REMIT pages
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Issue 62

Amending the BSC arrangements to allow ELEXON to tender for the Uniform Network Code Gas Performance Assurance Framework Administrator (PAFA) role
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Issue 61

Changes to Gate Closure for Energy Contract Volume Notifications
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Issue 60

Interfaces between the European Balancing Project TERRE and the current GB market arrangements
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Issue 59

Consideration of the PARMS and Supplier Charge changes introduced by P272 and P300
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Issue 58

Obligation to estimate missing or correct defective Reactive Energy measurements from CVA metering systems
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Issue 57

Should Half-Hourly Settlement be mandatory for certain Unmetered Supplies customers?
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