Performance Assurance Techniques


The Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is a complementary set of preventive, detective, incentive and remedial assurance techniques. These techniques are used flexibly to address Settlement Risks.

The techniques must address both risks to Settlement and the impact of actual failures or errors in Settlement.

The Performance Assurance Board (PAB) produces a Risk Operating Plan (ROP) each year which sets out the techniques it intends to use to address Settlement Risks.



Preventive Techniques Detective Techniques
Remedial Techniques
Incentive Techniques
Limit the possibility of an undesirable outcome Identify occasions of undesirable outcome that have occurred Correct undesirable outcomes that have occurred Motivate action in order to avoid undesirable outcomes
Bulk Change of Non Half Hourly Agent Material Error Monitoring Change Process Removal of Qualification
SVA Qualification and Re-Qualification Technical Assurance of Metering Systems Trading Disputes Peer Comparison
Education Technical Assurance of Performance Assurance Parties Error and Failure Resolution Breach and Default
BSC Audit Supplier Charges
Performance Assurance Monitoring and Reporting

What’s a Settlement Risk?

Anything that could pose a risk to accurate Settlement: it could be a failure in a process or an error in data. Settlement Risks are identified in the Risk Evaluation Register (RER).