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Performance Assurance


The Performance Assurance Framework (PAF) is in place to provide assurance that:

  • Energy is allocated between Suppliers efficiently, correctly and accurately
  • Suppliers and Supplier Agents transfer Metering System data efficiently and accurately
  • Calculations and allocations of energy and the associated Trading Charges are performed in line with the requirements detailed in the BSC

The Performance Assurance Board (PAB) uses the Performance Assurance processes to identify and evaluate Settlement Risks before deploying Performance Assurance Techniques to Suppliers, Supplier Agents and Licensed Distribution System Operators (LDSOs). We call these companies Performance Assurance Parties (PAPs).

Performance Assurance Diagram

PAF diagram


The diagram above explains the annual cycle of Performance Assurance which starts with a methodology for identifying Settlement Risks. We evaluate and set out how to manage these Settlement Risks through the Risk Evaluation Register, Risk Operating Plan and individual Risk Management Plans before deploying the techniques and reporting the results in the Annual Performance Assurance Report.

The annual cycles are referred to as Performance Assurance Operating Periods (PAOPs). The timetable for each PAOP can be found on the Performance Assurance Processes webpage.